Buyer for market is needed

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 16, 2002

A week from today plans to be the last day the Lyle Market will be in business.

We're hoping another buyer will step forward to help provide a link to the Lyle community and those who live nearby.

Jim Baldus,the store's owner, is selling the market because it isn't making enough money. To Baldus, it's important enough to have a market in Lyle that he would have kept it open if he'd have just broken even on it.

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However, that wasn't the case, as Baldus has had to hire others to run the store.

However, he said an ideal owner would be a local family who could devote time to the store and thus save costs on employees.

Having a market in a community like Lyle is important, especially for those who are unable to drive. Now, those folks will have to drive to either Austin or St. Ansgar to buy groceries.

Baldus said his Austin store has seen more and more checks from the Lyle area, adding further proof that more people aren't using the small-town market.

It goes to show you how times have changed. There were certain staples in towns similar to Lyle a few years ago where people always did business. The town grocery store was one of them.

Now that others are working in larger towns, like Austin, more people are purchasing goods there.

However, we hope a buyer for the market is found, because it would provide a service to Lyle and its area residents.