Cycle law just doesn#039;t make sense

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 8, 2002

The state Legislature's passing of a law allowing motorcyclists to run red lights may have been well intentioned, but it's just not a wise move.

The law was passed in May and was made to apparently side with motorcyclists whose bikes don't always register when approaching or stopped at a traffic signal. Technically, it doesn't make it legal to run a red light, but cyclists can go through it if they've been sitting at a stop light for a while.

The problem is, nobody really knows what "a while" exactly means.

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Granted a motorcycle is a lot smaller and lighter than a car or truck. But safety should trump any decisions over convenience.

An official with the American Insurance Association recently acknowledged that some cyclists may misinterpret the law. On top of that, some may take chances that many aren't taking right now.

This law's meaning is good. However, it just doesn't make sense for motorists -- in this case, motorcyclists -- to take risks the aren't taking right now. It would be wise for legislators to repeal this law in the near future.