Cancer auction gets cans

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 12, 2002

Events like this weekend's Cans for Cancer are just one of many that helps raise funds for the Lyle Area Cancer Auction.

This past January, the auction was able to donate $81,200 to the Fifth District Eagles Telethon for Cancer. And the Cans for Cancer event gives area folks the chance to donate in a different way.

Gary Ziegler, one of the organizers of Lyle Area Cancer Auction, said the Lyle Legion will be the place that cans will be accepted for donations.

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"They can drop them off at the Legion club there. LeRoy Iron and Scrap gives us a premium price. It's one of our eight events to help raise money," Ziegler said.

Cans for Cancer takes place "periodically throughout the year," Ziegler said. "It gets thrown into the same account for the January auction."

And what an auction it is. The 23-hour marathon event gets donations from businesses all over the Mower and Mitchell, Iowa county area.

"The money goes for research at the Mayo Cancer Center, the Hormel Institute and the University of Minnesota Cancer Center. All the monies that we raise are research dollars," Ziegler said.

But if folks aren't able to participate in the Cans for Cancer event, there's plenty of other options throughout the year people can be involved in.

"We have a pool and dart tournament, a horseshoe tournament and we just had a golf day in June," Ziegler said. "We're going to have a softball tournament in August. It's a new event this year."