More than 100 cars show up for show in Lyle

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 29, 2002

LYLE -- Les Frank attracted more than 100 vehicles to the 2002 Lyle Independence Day celebration car show Saturday.

Jim Dunlop, of Austin brought his purple 1960 Pontiac Bonneville. It was an eye-catcher.

But Larry Alm looked pretty in pink in his classic 1956 Studebaker Hawk coupe.

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Or was it coral? Or tangerine?

Whatever color, it got attention and that's saying something, because it was parked next to Orrin J. Bye's classic 1956 red Studebaker Hawk. The Albert Lea man's car and Alm's are rivals wherever they go.

Last year, Alm entered his Studebaker Hawk in the 2001 Studebaker International Meet at Red Wing.

Larry and his wife, Sherry, had a good time at the car show, but he said, "We just went for the fun of it and then came home."

Three weeks later, the Alms got a telephone call from the car show's sponsors. "They told us the car won third place in the Hawk class," he said.

Orrin J. Bye's Hawk won first place honors.

"What makes this car so special is that 80 percent of it has original paint and it has a Packard engine. It was the only coral colored car in the meet last year among 800 Studebaker," Alm said.

"Everywhere we go, people want to buy it," the owner said.

Is it for sale? "Yes," said Alm. "For the right price."

Cars of all colors lined the streets around the Lyle City Park Saturday and filled the tennis courts near the Lyle Elementary School.

When the judging was complete and the entrants had entered their ballots, trophies were distributed to the winner.

Then, the drivers took their beauties on a cruise through Lyle, where the entire community could admire the vehicles and decide for themselves if Larry and Sherry Alm's Studebaker Hawk is tangerine, coral or pink.

(Editor's Note: Results of the car show were not available Saturday night, but will be published as soon as they are made available this week.)