Mansion questions abound

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 22, 2002

Jesse Ventura would never admit the recent coverage about his son throwing parties in the governor’s mansion prompted his decision not to run again. He may not have run again anyway.

But the fact is, by making his announcement not to run again, and essentially blaming the media for treating him unfairly, Ventura has once again chosen to behave without class.

Ventura should have admitted that it was a mistake to allow his son to throw parties at the governor's mansion.

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No one is suggesting that Ventura’s son did anything other college-age kids would not by drinking and partying. However, to throw parties in a place paid for by taxpayers and revered by Minnesota residents was disrespectful.

Ventura suggests that he was treated differently regarding this incident compared to other public figures.

Yet, former Sen. Rod Grams had to face coverage of his son’s criminal behavior.

And he was able to admit that his son had done wrong, and move on.

The latest incident is one of many examples of Ventura lashing out at the messenger rather than admitting his mistakes.

One has to wonder if we would want to re-elect a governor with such qualities anyway.