Profiling should be encouraged

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 6, 2002

A debate rages whether it is right, or wrong, to search airline passengers based on if the passenger fits the profile of most likely terrorists.

Those who are arguing against racial profiling claim that such profiling violates the constitutional rights of citizens. Those who are in favor of racial profiling of airline passengers say doing so only makes sense.

What those, who argue against racial profiling, need to realize is the United States is under attack every day. The enemies of the United States are using our very rights and laws to destroy what it is we've created.

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Someone who is planning to board an airplane with explosives and commit a terrorist act is not entitled to the rights, or protection of the law, our founding fathers established.

Citizens of the United States should be encouraging racial profiling of airline passengers, as well as encouraging the continuation of random checks.

Recent history suggests airplane terrorists are of Middle Eastern decent. Such being the case, we should demand security agents scrutinize the activity, and belongings, of all fitting this profile before allowing them to board a plane.

It only makes sense.

At the same time, airline security needs to continually keep would-be terrorists on their toes by conducting random searches and by making sure security-related activities do not become routine and predictable.

We're at war and during a time of war all must make sacrifices; including those innocent individuals who just happen to fit a profile.