Adams moves ahead with project

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Undaunted by bids beyond budget, the city of Adams will forge ahead to build a new emergency service building.

At Monday night's regular meeting of the Adams City Council, officials voted unanimously to reject the bids received for the project and rebid it May 2.

Five bids were received, but the lowest bid was $150,000 over the $400,000 estimated project cost.

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In January, Adams citizens approved a $250,000 referendum to help finance the project.

Adams township is contributing $50,000 to the project, while the rest of the costs will come from city and fire department reserves.

Sarah Pitzen, Adams City Council Member, is among those who remains positive about the project.

"We still expect to start the project this summer," Pitzen said.

"This is only a minor setback," she joked.

The city's architect estimates it will take six months to complete the project and Pitzen said she is "hopeful" that goal can be accomplished.

The community is still behind the project, according to Pitzen

"We're going to get this built," she said adamantly.

The concerns of the Adams Fire Department for adequate storage space for its vehicles and firefighting equipment is well-known. Also, the department is in need of more meeting and training space for official business.

In addition, the Adams Area Ambulance Service has similar vehicle and personnel needs.

The solution: a single facility for city fire and ambulance along Highway 56 at the east edge of Adams.

In addition, the facility will provide the first meeting hall for Adams Township.

At Monday night's township board meeting, spirits remained positive about the joint city-township project.

Board chairman Gene Smith, whose father Alfred, also served o the township board, said the township has been without a hall for its 145 years of existence.

"In the old days, the township board met at the Freund Store at Johnsburg or in the homes of board members.

Township supervisor John Kloeckner, whose father, Ambrose, also served o the board, said a permanent meeting place is long over due.

"We've been meeting at Steve Pitzen's place now for the last several years and residents in the township vote at the Adams Legion Post, so this will take care of all the townships needs," Kloeckner said.

Township clerk Steve Pitzen and township treasurer Curtis Krebnsbach also say the new multi-purpose building will be an image-builder for everyone.

Pitzen has donated space for township board meetings at his seed corn sales office at the west edge of Adams near the Cedar River Country Club.

Jim Kiefer, Adams city clerk, said city officials moved swiftly when the bids came in over-budget. "They cut out some of the frills," Kiefer said. "It will have the same square footage, but the council eliminated the paved parking lot. Crushed rock will have to do for the time being."

Among the five bids received were four which were within $20,000 of each other.

Kiefer said the contractors indicated the project can be completed this summer if the project gets underway June 1.

Plans call for the building

to be constructed on land at the east edge of Adams with access to Highway 56.

Three years ago, township

supervisor won a $5,000 award from Walmart Stores, Inc. for outstanding community leadership and community betterment efforts.

Mullenbach promptly donated the $5,000 prize to a fund created by the township board for construction of a new township hall.

The fund now totals $50,000 and Mullenbach said, the township's commitment to the project remains intact.

"We want this building built," he said.