Resident complains to council about loud music from cars

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 5, 2001

Citizen Jill Vollmer came to the Austin City Council meeting on Monday to ask what could be done about the noise pollution coming from cars on her street.

Tuesday, June 05, 2001

Citizen Jill Vollmer came to the Austin City Council meeting on Monday to ask what could be done about the noise pollution coming from cars on her street.

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Police Chief Paul Philipp said: "We don’t usually catch these people. They don’t drive by police cars with their music blaring. The citizen who is bothered by this has to sign a citation to deal with this and take action."

The council also received and approved the following bids for work to be done in Austin:

n Hormel Drive, by Ulland Brothers, a bid of $103,875.

n Sidewalk construction on Main Street North and downtown sidewalks, by Ti-Zack for $75,495.

n Sixteenth Street SE (Oakland Avenue to Fourth Avenue SE), 18th Street SE (Third Avenue SE to Fourth Avenue SE), Third Avenue SE (16th Street SE to 20th Street SE) and Austin Acres by Ulland Brothers, bid of $796,554.05.

n First Street NE (Oakland Avenue to First Avenue NE), First Avenue NE (First Street NE to Fourth Street NE) by Doyle Connor, bid of $390,201.80.

In other business, mosquito spraying in Austin will be done by the same company as last year, More’s Ag Center. Depending on the weather, spraying will be done June 10, July 23, July 2 and Aug. 13. The Aug. 13 date will be changed and moved ahead a week to coincide with the Mower County Fair. The total cost of applications comes to $23,012 or 25 cents per person.

Craig Hoium, the planning and zoning administrator, presented the final plat of the Rosenthal Second Addition. This consists of 26 single-family lots. The flood plain has been taken into consideration on this project and elevation and has been measured, according to Hoium

Third Ward Council member Jeanne Poppe said: "I am worried about this being so close to the flood plain. Some people in the past haven’t been flooded in some areas and they are now."

Hoium said: "We are assured this development won’t have adverse affects.

City Public Works Director Jon Erichson echoed Hoium’s comments.

"There is a 1 percent chance they might have problems," Erichson said. "These parcels were on the flood plain fringe. All these parcels are built for flood protection. There is flood protection for 100 years. We take safety precautions. Mortgage companies are aware of this. We do anything to protect the homeowners. A mortgage company will automatically see that the homeowners buy flood insurance."

The final plat approval for Lickteig’s Second Addition was submitted. Lickteig’s Second Addition will be on 22nd Avenue SW to 24th Avenue SW. The request is to subdivide land to accommodate construction of senior housing and assisted living for seniors.

In other business:

n A request was made for a street closure for a graduation party. There was not enough information given as to the length of the party. Also not known whether it was a party for a number of graduates and how many residents lived on the block.

Philipp said: "We have no opposition to the closing of streets, but some guidelines should be set forth. We have to tell others on the street. It doesn’t always go well when we have to send in someone sometimes and say the party is over."

Third Ward Councilman Dick Lang thought a block party was a good idea as it brought neighbors and people together. This was tabled to find out specifics of the party.

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