Area round-up

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 8, 2000

Here are unofficial municipal elections results from incorporated cities in Mower County:.

Wednesday, November 08, 2000

Here are unofficial municipal elections results from incorporated cities in Mower County:

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Leroy Swanson was re-elected mayor of Adams Tuesday with 398 votes.

Swanson was unopposed.

Sarah Pitzen-Douty and Brad Kurtz won election to four-year terms on the City Council with 335 and 286 votes, respectively. Helen Webber received 185.


Marvin "Bud" Foster was re-elected mayor with 249 votes.

Mike Chavez received 93.

Robb Luthe, 160, and Loren Swanson, 147, were re-elected to seats on the Brownsdale City Council.

Evonne Godbout, 131, Tammy Kelly, 94, and Larry Kelly, 71, were also-rans.


Incumbent Mayor Randy Stephenson was re-elected mayor with 150 votes.

Stephenson was unopposed in his bid for an eighth term in office.

Two incumbent council members, Kathy Snyder and Bonnie Drake won re-election with 75 and 71 votes, respectively.

Challengers Richard Weaver, 68, Del Mees, 60, and Tim Taylor, 33, were unsuccessful.


Diann Engelhart was elected mayor of Elkton. She is the first female mayor in the town’s history.

Engelhart received 61 votes to win a two-year term as mayor.

Mike O’Connor, the current mayor, did not file for re-election, but received nine write-in votes.

Ronald Kiefer was reelected to a four-year term on the Elkton City Council with 68 votes.

Rod Sprau also won a four-year term on the council with nine write-in votes.

A total of 78 votes were cast.

Grand Meadow

Jim Baudoin was re-elected mayor with 279 votes.

Former Grand Meadow City Council member Catherine "Kitty" Kerrins received 192 votes.

Elaine Iverson, 255, and Jim Blomgren, 223 votes, were elected to four-year terms on the City Council.

Steve Thorsen was unopposed in his bid for a two-year term on the council and received 402 votes.


Incumbent mayor Ed Koppen won another term in office.

Koppen defeated challenger Ron Rich, 306 to 141.

Kathy Farlinger and Bill Miles were elected to the LeRoy City Council with 289 and 272 votes, respectively.

Karen Miller received 271 votes.


Ron Frank was re-elected mayor of Lyle.

Frank received 205 votes to Craig Stark’s 73.

Harold Rohne, a former council member and mayor, won election to one of two vacancies on the council.

Rohne, 184, and Betty Fisher, 167, were the winners of council seats.

Other vote totals in council races were Robin Meyer, 92, Dennis Hemann, 35, Georgie Byrnes, 30, and Brian Price (a write-in canddiate), 25.


Larry Naatz was re-elected mayor of Mapleview with 65 votes.

He was unopposed.

Eugene White, 49, and Gail Kaplan, 34, won seats on the Mapleview City Council.

John Kruger received 26 votes and Dennis Nelson, 23.


Gary Landgrebe was unopposed in a bid for a second term as mayor of Racine with 179 votes.

Incumbent council member Bryan Vrieze, 162, and former council member, Richard Walters, 97, won four-year terms on the Racine City Council.

Another incumbent council member, Monty Nagel, received 82 votes.

Eric Myhre won a two-year term on the council with 177 votes. Myhre was unopposed.

Rose Creek

Pete Kuhlman was re-elected mayor.

Kuhlman defeated challenger Jim Arens, 155 to 43.

Incumbent city council member Wendell Sprung was re-elected with 158 votes and Kent Ulwelling received 135 votes. Both were unopposed.


Incumbent mayor Jim Kiefer was re-elected with 34 votes. He was unopposed.

Incumbent city council member Terry Eischens was reelected with 38 votes.

Mary Huntley was reelected city clerk/treasurer with 43 votes.

In other unofficial area municipal elections, the results included:


Dave Santjer was re-elected mayor of Hayfield with 601 votes.

Santjer was unopposed.

Jennifer Klaggen, 523, and incumbent Dave Kuster, 364, won seats on the Hayfield City Council.

Richard C. Nelson received 211 votes.

A handful of area school districts held elections Tuesday. Unofficial results included:

Blooming Prairie

Voters rejected a levy override referendum in the Blooming Prairie Independent School District.

The vote was 1,242 "no" votes and 871 "yes" votes.

Grand Meadow

Grand Meadow Independent School District No. 495 voters approved the renewal of an operating levy by a 607 "yes" to 300 "no" vote Tuesday.