Here’s what the council members said:

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 16, 2000

Third Ward Council member Dick Lang was the sole "nay" vote.

Tuesday, May 16, 2000

Third Ward Council member Dick Lang was the sole "nay" vote. "I charge the council members to consider what is the best way for the city to move when you vote," he said. "Don’t consider that this may go to referendum, consider what is the best choice."

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In the past Lang has said he favors the housing development, just not in that location.


Third Ward Council member Gloria Nordin: "Austin needs housing and this will not affect the nature center," she said. "I think it will also help the other homeowners out there because it will increase the values of their properties."


First Ward Council member Mickey Jorgenson: "I voted yes because I do think the housing project can be good for the city," she said. "I’m in favor of preserving the nature center, but the developer has done everything he can to make sure that happens."


First Ward Council member Neil Fedson: "It’s the best thing for the city of Austin," he said. "If they want to expand the nature center, it can go north. The developer has bent over backwards to appease everyone."


Second Ward Council member Jeanne Poppe: "Again I think a referendum is fine if that’s what happens," she said, "but that’s not why I voted yes. I voted yes because it makes sense for Austin. We need housing and a developer has come forward who wants to do it and who is willing to work with the city and the neighbors and the nature center to make it acceptable."


Second Ward Council member Roger Boughton: "I was firmly against the development to begin with," he said. " But as I got more involved with the long range planning for the nature center, I saw that it wasn’t really an issue with the nature center as long as they followed the task force recommendations. I see the nature center involvement as a non-issue. We need housing in that price range of $100 to 150,000. Isn’t it nice that you can have something affordable in a desirable place to live?"