Smokebusters program is reminder to get smoke detectors

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 3, 1999

That October is Fire Prevention month shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Sunday, October 03, 1999

That October is Fire Prevention month shouldn’t go unnoticed.

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The energetic efforts of fire chiefs everywhere to promote fire safety are commendable. They go to the nth degree to encourage children and adults to protect themselves from fire dangers.

The arrival of the harvest season means the possibility of fire emergencies in farm fields.

Cold weather also means wood stoves will be heating up soon. Sudden cold snaps mean people will light fires in fireplaces and stoves without wondering about the creosote which may have built up in the chimney.

The end of the month brings out jack-o-lanterns with candles inside, as well as lighted window decorations.

Fire is a menace that knows no holiday. It happens anywhere, anytime, to anybody.

The Mower County chapter of the American Red Cross’ "Smoke Buster" program can help.

The Red Cross chapter wants every home in Mower County to have a working smoke detector in place before the year’s end.

They have already distributed thousands of detectors and lithium batteries to ensure they work to homes throughout the county.

But many remain without working detectors.

Don’t wait for the smell of smoke.

Get a detector and get it now.

The Austin Fire Department has a similar program.

You can call the Red Cross now for help to prevent a fire or the Red Cross could be calling for you when that emergency occurs.