1999 Mower County Fair

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 14, 1999

How do you measure the impact of the Mower County Fair?.

Saturday, August 14, 1999

How do you measure the impact of the Mower County Fair?

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Here are a two examples.

Benjamin Scott, son of Mark and Sherry, won his first grand champion ribbon at the 1999 Mower County 4-H Dog Show.

After the show, he carried his trophy and ribbon with him wherever he went, clutching it for dear-life.

"I’ve never seen him smile that big before," a parent observed.

The Mower County 4-H program prides itself on creating an environment that is rich in positive reinforcement for children and teenagers.

Benjamin Scott reaped the rewards of the 4-H program like no other 4-Her this summer.

Multiply Benjamin’s good feelings by 600 other 4-Hers and you have an idea how kids feel about the County Fair.

The Mower County Fair Board estimates attendance at the 1999 six-day free fair could reach the 100,000 mark with today’s attendance.

Some Austin restaurants complained that their business was suffering during the County Fair and with 100,000 people all meeting at one place, the fairgrounds in southwest Austin, is it any wonder?

The County Fair that 100,000 people attended to be entertained, sample some excitement or just to do some serious people-watching was a grand success.

What we, the fair-goers, fail to appreciate is the hard work that goes into putting on an extravaganza such as this.

So, with the old-time fiddlers contest this afternoon, Dale Merriam’s carnival midway games and rides, Herb and Murl’s Wonder Bar, Faye Stevens’ funnel cakes and all the other delicacies, today is the last chance to be a part of the last Mower County Fair of the millennium.

Will somebody please unplug the Ferris wheel, when the last rider leaves the gondola?

Nice job, Mower County Fair Board. It was the best reunion 100,000 people could have in one place at one time.