Under the dome; Wescott project represents exciting time for Austin

Under the dome; Wescott project represents exciting time for Austin

Mark Stotts Austin Public Schools director of finance and operations Facilities and maintenance operations are a critical function performed in school districts. Most homeowners realize ... Read more | Add your comment

Compromise on Obama’s budget plan

In an age of hyperpartisanship, it’s no longer noteworthy when Congress pronounces a president’s budget “dead on arrival.” But last week’s breezy dismissal of President ... Read more | Add your comment

CVRC: Look for signs of teen dating violence

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. Unfortunately, teen dating violence is too common of an experience in our community. Read more | Add your comment

Ask a Trooper: Alcohol takes time to leave the body

Sgt. Troy Christianson Minnesota State Patrol Question: After a night of drinking with my friends, I was arrested the following morning for DUI on my ... Read more | Add your comment

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Editorial Cartoon

Editorial cartoon

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Fishing for a Cure is a success

With 200 anglers and 50 fish caught, Fishing for a Cure raised over $10,800 this year. The funds were donated to The Hormel Institute in ... Read more | Add your comment