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Our Opinion: With warmer weather comes the need for caution

Published 9:27am Friday, April 11, 2014

With temperatures in the upper 60s this week, there have been lots of people, pets and bicycles out. Now, before anyone gets hurt, is a good time for a reminder to exercise caution, whether on two or four wheels, or two feet.

Admit it, drivers: Winter lulls us into a lack of awareness. We’re not used to seeing as many walkers, bikers and runners out and about, especially with the harsh winter we just endured. It’s time for a reminder to be aware and alert.

Pedestrians should also be aware they are the smaller, weaker being on the road and be extra cautious of vehicles.

Things could be a little more complicated as road construction ramps up. We urge people to especially be cautious on North Main Street near the flood mitigation work, as Mill Pond is a popular spot for walkers and runners.

If you walk in pairs or groups, it is not a good idea to take up nearly the entire road.

Bicycles and motorcycles should also exercise caution when driving city and county roads. Two-wheelers are significantly more difficult to see and drivers could easily become a casualty.

While we are all excited to get outside after being cooped up by excessively cold temperatures this winter, please be careful and respectful when sharing the road with others.


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