Austin’s Rayman bowls two perfect games in two months

Published 6:40pm Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Elijah Rayman has been bowling for as long as he can remember, but he’s never had success like he’s had in the past couple of months.

Rayman, a 16-year old junior at Austin High School, bowled two 300-games in the span of two months at Echo Lanes recently. Rayman rolled his first perfect game in a practice session in late October and he found perfection again in a league game in January.

Austin’s Elijah Rayman has bowled two perfect games in the past two months. -- Rocky Hulne/
Austin’s Elijah Rayman has bowled two perfect games in the past two months. — Rocky Hulne/

Rayman said his first perfect game was much easier than his second because he was just bowling for the fun of it.

“It was more laid back in the practice atmosphere,” Rayman said. “Me and my friend were out here and we were both kind of talking through it to keep my mind off it.”

Rayman’s biggest test came during his league game and he almost lost his chase at perfection in the 10th frame. His first throw was a little off and the last pin fell late. That fired up Rayman for his last two throws, and he slid a little to the left and slowed down his approach.

Rayman’s final throw was a little faster than he wanted it to be, but it was good enough for a strike.

“I shook so much when I was up there throwing. It was pretty crazy. I was pretty nervous,” Rayman said. “The hardest part about it was making sure I stayed focused. I didn’t want to get too nervous. I had to go up there and take my best shot, so I had to take my time. I’ve been in a situation in league before where I didn’t take my time and I got way to fast.”

Rayman’s entire family is big into bowling and he’s been bowling since he was 3-years old. His great uncle Bob has thrown two 300 games, his dad threw nine straight strikes to start a game once and his cousin Dave nearly threw a 300-game once.

Rayman is now taking his game to new levels as he plays nine or more games a day seven days a week.

Rayman, who is averaging a score of 221 per game, bowls in two or three tournaments per month and he’s even considering bowling at the college level. But as for bowling in the pros, Rayman knows it would take a lot to get that level.

“This is a very forgiving shot [at Echo Lanes],” Rayman said. “You can miss your mark and still get a seventy five percent chance at a strike. In the pros the oil patterns that they put down are extremely difficult. It’s a much different game.”

Rayman also bowls for the Packer bowling team in the fall.

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