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Our Opinion: The Herald is thankful for …

Published 8:13am Thursday, November 28, 2013

Daily Herald editorial

At this time of year, it seems everyone stops to reflect on what they’re thankful for, and we at the Austin Daily Herald decided to join the fun.

The following, in no particular order, are what the Herald editorial board, and other members of the staff, are thankful for:

—Small Austin and Mower County retail businesses and their deals this weekend

—The United Way of Mower County for all it does for those less fortunate year-round

­—The Austin Salvation Army as it continues to support and help those who need it through the holidays

—The Austin Bruins and the CRC for donating 265 pounds of food to the Austin Salvation Army this week

—The Austin Hy-Vee’s Feed a Family program, which provides a Christmas meal for those in need

—Hormel Foods Corp. for divvying $17 million to employees through its profit sharing program

—Vision 2020, and all it’s doing to better Austin

—Our loved ones and the time we can spend with them

—The love, support and prayers our loved ones provide

­—Hanging out with friends we don’t see often

—A home with great, hospitable, welcoming people who look out for each other

—Good health

—Our dogs and cats, and their unconditional love

—The entertainment coworkers provide

—The little things that make every day worthwhile

—Good books, and the free time we get to spend with them — and a strong public library

—A reliable car, and low gas prices while they last

—The ability to spend time outdoors hunting, fishing and enjoying our freedom

—Rights: Some people don’t have them, and some people want to take them away — they shouldn’t be taken for granted

—Beer and football on Thanksgiving — enough said

—That baseball season will start eventually

— Turduckens

—Lefse at the dinner table


—Three meals a day

—Education options in Austin

—A resilient local economy

—A supportive city

­—All local service organizations, charities and non-profits for everything they do every day

—Everything and everyone else we didn’t have room to list

—And last, but absolutely not least, our readers

Happy Thanksgiving,

The Austin Daily Herald

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