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Senior discounts offer great ways to save money

Published 4:32pm Saturday, November 24, 2012

A major perk of growing older is qualifying for senior discounts.

You’ll probably have to admit your age, and maybe even prove it. But if you’re willing to confess a number, you can rack up some great discounts.

Some businesses clearly list senior discounts on their website or post them in the store.

Amtrak travelers age 62 and older are eligible for a 15 percent discount on most rail fares, and many public transportation systems offer discounts or even free rides to people above a certain age. Many museums, movie theaters, restaurants, and retailers also clearly post senior rates.

Many local businesses will give senior discounts to regular customers. Have you thought of asking your plumber, electrician, utilities, your water or trash removal bill, property taxes, cable, and even your cell phone bill if they would honor a senior discount?

Pay attention to the fine print. Some discounts are only available on specific dates or times, and age requirements vary considerably.

Some grocery stores and retailers like ShopKo and Kohl’s offer breaks to seniors on specific days of the week. If you check the senior center newsletter you will see the Paramount Theatre is offering discounts to members of the center for some of their shows.

Take pride in your age. You have seniority! Save some money while you’re at it with your senior discount. You are always welcome at the Senior Center.


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