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Think about vote

Published 12:19pm Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Remember when casting your ballot for president: Does it reflect your moral values, and not a vote for particular party because you’ve always done so in the past?

Ask yourself a few basic questions. Do the present views of this party reflect my present values? Do I want more big government? Do I approve of our $16 trillion debt? How do I feel about 1.3 million abortions and the consequences they have on society and the general attitude about the dignity of life? Then what about Obama’s health plan enacted in disregard of legislative process, by trickery, coercion and deception? Already there are 20 new taxes to pay for it and hundreds of new IRS agents to enforce it.

Obama has cut more than $700 billion from the Medicare budget to fund his new program. This will be denying religious freedom to those who oppose. Pray over it and think. Then vote for Gov. Romney, please.


Kathleen Finnegan


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