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Making a son’s car well

Published 6:09pm Saturday, September 22, 2012

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Well Mello and Fred are on a break, taking their noon nap while I attempt to complete a column. But first I have to think about what to write about.

Skyler, our youngest, brought his car down here last week for repair and he drove mine back up to the Cities.

I took Sky’s car over to Brian Clingman’s hoping he could make it better, and that he did. I’m planning to drive Skyler’s car up to the to the Cities to trade back cars with him.

Skyler tells me that my car isn’t running like it should, but I prefer to believe it is doing well. The question is how I find Skyler in Minneapolis. I just talked to Skyler on the phone and he gave me directions to get to his office building.

We have to make a hook-up. That might be a challenge.

I’m still receiving requests for “You Much Crazy” and hearing from former classmates who also dwelled in the Austin High School, and that was back in 1961. It seems like just yesterday. A result has been a number of, bike trips to the post office to package a book, and then its nice to receive a check for the book.

Some of them I have just passed out.

I’m guessing a good number of you attended Gary Holthaus and Loren Pelon at the college on Tuesday. That would be tonight but by Sunday it will be a few days back. Betty Benner helped me with the names.

Betty did a reading at the Congregational Church on the US/Dakota conflict of 1862 last Sunday.

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