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Looking back to time spent fishing up north

Published 5:19pm Saturday, July 14, 2012

“Sell a country! Why not sell the air, the great son, as well as the earth?” — Tecumseh Shawnee

As you might have figured out the first portion of this column is from “The Wisdom of the Native Americans.” And that is where the quote will end. This is from a book edited by Kent Nerburn that includes the soul of an Indian.

As a young lad I would go up north in the summer on the way to Prairie Lake for a week’s vacation at the resort Ed Zimmerman and my Dad were so comfortable with.

I’m sure I’ve written about this at other times. There will be more, I hope.

Now I can’t even find my rod and reel nor have I been able to spend time with hardly any Native Americans.

Maybe someday.

My cousin Ed has some Native American blood in his being that came from a close relative, and some of that blood passed through his mother and there remains a portion of that in “Little Eddie.”

By the time this gets into the newspaper and ready for delivery, Ed will have retuned from some fishing up north along with my big brother and a couple of his young adults.

Maybe I will have to hunt down or track down my old fishing pole, find a hook or two and dig deep for a can of worms so I can sit on the bank and watch the river flow across from the swimming pool.

In other business I spent some time in Houston this past weekend. I was pretty well determined to not go, but I couldn’t hang out with Mellow and Fred because they were already at camp. One I had forgotten about. One we used long ago in the early days. And of course the hot dry weather increased the amount of dust that just laid quietly until one drove over it.

I did attend the Cross of Christ Lutheran where Lane led the service where Jeanne’s mother attends. It was a joyful to listen again to his words that are simple and so meaningfull while Jeanne plays golf.

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