Allegedly drunken driver accused of pursuing 72-year-old for driving too slow

Published 11:06am Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Police are saying road rage went too far for one Austin man, who allegedly chased a 72-year-old woman with his truck while driving drunk last Friday.

Gregory Robert Soderberg, 38, was arrested on Friday and charged Monday in Mower County court with stalking or pursuing another and DWI, both gross misdemeanors, and following a vehicle more closely than reasonable, a misdemeanor.

According to the court complaint, Soderberg got off Interstate 90 behind the victim and thought she was going too slow. The victim, who was with her daughter at the time, said Soderberg squealed his tires, almost went over a median and eventually passed her while showing his middle finger.

Soderberg then allegedly waited for the victim, got behind her again and followed her very closely. The victim said she was scared and did not want to go home, as she thought Soderberg would follow her.

Police eventually stopped Soderberg north of Austin while he was turning his truck around. A breath test later revealed he had a blood-alcohol content of .14. His initial court appearance is scheduled for July 12.

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  • drtguy

    Dumb axx. Lock him up and toss the key this idiot could have killed someone. I think drunk drivers should be charged with attempted murder. They are driving a weapon around. Not much different than pointing a loaded gun at people and pulling the trigger and missing them. Dipstick…………

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