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Poll: What are your three favorite Austin restaurants?

Published 12:12pm Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What are your three favorite Austin restaurants? (Choose 3)

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  • walkthewalk

    What????? Who made this poll??? Applebees is not a fast food and just did a remodel. Poor poll.

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  • Handyman

    Grinders Deli.

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  • cooper

    I am also going to have to go with Grinders Deli. It should also be on this list.

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  • thehook55912

    i’ll chime in with props to Grinders for food, however their hours suck and every time I get a sandwich its a 20 min wait. I’d like to see Grinders go to Main street in a larger space.

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    • gmony

      grinder’s needs to advertise a li more only a select few know bout it …small sisn needs paint on outside look’s like just another house on the block…step it up mark…

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