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Vision 2020′s list of ideas available online

Published 8:53am Friday, November 11, 2011

The Vision 2020 Steering Committee set a goal of 1,000 ideas and surpassed that goal by over 3,000.

All ideas submitted are now available on the website — — for the public to review. These ideas have been passed onto the Idea Selection Committee and over the next month they will be pairing it down to the top 100 ideas for a public vote.

Voting begins Dec. 1. Community members are encouraged to vote through the website, but can also submit a paper ballot at the Austin Public Library or the Austin Chamber of Commerce.

Community members will be asked to pick their five favorite ideas in no priority order.

To search through the list of ideas, visit and click on “view ideas” on the main page under “Ideas Are In.” There are over 79 pages of ideas. The PDF is searchable by using control F and typing the topic.

For more information on the Austin Vision 2020 movement, contact Mandi Lighthizer-Schmidt (Marketing Committee member) at 437-2313 or e-mail

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  • soapbox

    I just thought of one more good idea; we could use city funds to buy the last remaining sleazy strip club in town and demolish the building. With that being the last nasty drug and crime filled strip club that is grandfathered-in by our city code we would decrease crime by a lot. That club only promotes bad things for our city especially the downtown area on the weekends. If we got rid of that place we would free-up man hours for our police and help stop the spred of STD’s, drugs and violent crimes.

    I know it’s to late to submit an idea and it’s most likely not what the judges are looking for but I thought it would be fun to share….

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  • ChicagoStyle

    What else can we buy up to limit the rights of the people in Austin. Maybe all of the liquor establishments. Lets ban smoking within the city limits. Ooops and hotels can be used for bad things, let’s close them up. We could put the money into education or spell check for the ADH comments section.

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  • The Truth

    you used let’s and lets… which one is it, or did you forget to use the spell-checker aforementioned?

    just sayin’

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  • ChicagoStyle

    The Truth is that spell-checker looks for words spelled incorrectly not grammatical errors such as the aforementioned is.
    Just saying !

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