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How much did President Bush work?

Published 8:00pm Saturday, August 27, 2011

“I think people will find out that I’m plenty capable of conducting foreign policy of the United States in a way that reflects positively on my nation.” — George “W” Bush

There was an item in the Star Tribune the other day that George W. Bush logged an astonishing 490 days at his ranch in Crawford while president, where he went to great lengths to be seen working.

According to Mark Knoller Obama has taken 61 days off in 31 months. I think George W. operated from his Texas town or his ranch. He did make it to Iraq where a member of the Iraqi audience hurled a shoe intended for him.

George Bush was identified as “the first prince of the theocratic states of America.”

These are words I’m taking from the Opinion Exchange.

“Another one in question: Is education measuring up? Unfortunately, it’s one Minnesota officials seem to want to avoid. Charlie Weaver, the columnist says, ‘You can’t improve what you don’t measure’ is simple truth that is proved over and over again in both the public and private sectors.”

I think I learned more in Miss Morey’s class in fifth grade than I probably learned along the rest of the way. Some years passed and I found myself teaching sixth grade at Banfield where Miss Morey had taught. By then she was gone. Not long after that I was too.

It will be interesting to see how the extended school year with breaks will work at Sumner School. At least there is a break in the storm.

As for me, I am still coming along with my ability to not remember. I don’t think it’s do to forgetting.

Much of it’s about not having to remember. When you grow up you grow in many ways but when you wade into your senior years your crowd is smaller and I’m more apt to be sitting in the back yard looking at the neighborhood trees or taking Mello down the neighborhood driveway on a leash in her search of other dogs to share the sounds she expresses when she locates them.

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  • An_Irish_Scottsman

    Irresponsible journalism,

    This is A Representative Republic and as such, you as well as others, are entitled to your opinion. I believe you distort the truth to attend your political agenda. The Crawford Ranch does not have a Golf Course !! Plainly, fairness is apparently not one of your Strong suits.

    Good Day

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  • drschminke

    Bob you miss the point. When you think of the ranch in Crawford, the ‘Camp David’. It is a working retreat. Nothing quite like the $50,000 per week neighborhood on Martha’s Vineyard, or $2000/nite suites in Vail CO. His ‘optics’ as they say ‘s*ck’. Laura Bush had too much class to participate in something like that.

    Also, I seem to recall the G Bush pretty much quit playing golf after the shooting started.

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