MINUTES 8.14.23

Published 8:54 am Monday, September 18, 2023


School Board Proceedings
ISD 492
Austin, MN

The Austin School Board met in regular session on 8/14/23 at 5:30 pm in the Annex Recital Hall located at AHS Annex, 205 4th Street NW, Austin, MN. Chair Green called meeting to order at 5:30 pm. Members present Kathy Green, Carolyn Dube, Cece Kroc, Don Leathers, Carol McAlister, and Peggy Young. Evan Sorenson absent.
Leathers/Kroc approval of agenda, 6-0
Dube/Young approval of tax abatement request from Austin HRA, 6-0.
Young/Kroc approval of 7/10/23 and 7/24/23 meeting minutes, 6-0 Young/Kroc approval of personnel report, 6-0
Young/Kroc approval of bills, 6-0
Young/Kroc approval of March 2023 treasurer’s report, 6-0
Dube/Young approval of 14 minor policy updates, 6-0
Young/McAlister approval of donations, 6-0
Leathers/Young approval of new policy 621, 6-0
Dube/Kroc approval of revised policy 624, 6-0
Policies 524, 536, 609 presented for first reading.
Leathers/McAlister to enter closed session at 5:54 pm for the purpose of negotiations update, 6-0
Dube/McAlister to enter open session at 7:17 pm, 6-0
Young/McAlister to adjourn at 6:18 pm, 6-0
By: Carolyn Dube, Clerk
The above is a summary of meeting proceedings. The complete minutes are available on the district website at www.austin.k12.mn.us as well as on file and available for review in the Superintendent’s Office, 401 Third Avenue NW.

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Austin Daily Herald:
Sept. 16, 2023
MINUTES 8.14.23