APS proficiency math, reading scores remain steady

Published 5:58 pm Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Austin Public Schools is holding the lines in math and reading according to recent Minnesota Statewide Assessments.

During a presentation Monday night by Informational Services Director Corey Haugen to the Austin Public Schools Board, Austin appears to be holding steady in these proficiencies, a shift in what was a downward looking trend prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the numbers Haugen presented, 698 out of 2,510 (27.8%) students tested proficient in math while in reading, 910 students out of 2,567 (35.4%) tested proficient. Both of those metrics remain relatively even to proficiencies in the prior two years of 2021 and 2022.

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It’s optimistic, because it reverses those predicted trends before the pandemic that were showing steep declines that would have taken proficiencies beneath current levels.

Still, there are gaps. Math scores sit well beneath state averages in comparison reflecting a 17.7% negative difference. Compared to APS’ 27.8%, the state is sitting at 45.5%.

Another gap of 14.5% rests between APS and the state in reading: 35.4% for APS compared to 49.9% for the state.

There are also gaps in both areas between white and non-white students and along socio-economic lines compared to the state:

• Reading – 19% difference between white vs. non-white (State: 35.6%, APS: 27.4%), 21.5% difference along socio-economic lines (State: 33.3%, APS: 28.4%).

• Math — 23.8% difference between white vs. non-white (State: 28.9%, APS: 17.8%), 26.4% difference along socio-economic lines (State: 26.8%, APS: 19%).

Adams stepping down

Executive Director of Finance and Operations Andrew Adams has announced he will be stepping down to pursue another opportunity.

Adams, who was hired in 2021, is taking a position with the St. Paul School District.

“Austin Public Schools has really become home for me,” he said Monday night. “I will greatly miss it here.”