7.25.23 SUMMARY

Published 10:41 am Friday, September 22, 2023

Regular Session of the Mower County Board of Commissioners
Summary of Minutes July 25, 2023
The Mower County Board of Commissioners in and for the County of Mower, Minnesota, met in Regular Session July 25, 2023 at 9:00 a.m. at the Government Center in Austin, Minnesota. All members present, viz: Mike Ankeny, Chair; Jerry Reinartz, Vice-Chair; Polly Glynn; John Mueller; Dan Sparks; and Trish Harren, County Administrator.
The following is a chronological summary of the Board meeting. All action items unanimously approved
unless otherwise noted:
Agenda adding motion to rescind the 6/27/23 motion accepting the resignation of County Administrator
Consent agenda approving: 1) Minutes of 7/11/23; 2) Commissioner Warrants

3) Amendment to MDH COVID grant extending the date to 12/31/23 to spend down the grant funds; and
4) Fireworks display permit 8/18/23 (rain date: 08/19/23) for Richard Groth
Assistant Public Works Director – Environmental Services Valerie Sheedy provided the Board with a
department update
Deputy Sheriff Neal Williams was recognized for retirement from Mower County with 23 years of service.
Case Aide I Rosie Ramos was recognized for retirement from Mower County with 22 years of service.
The Board recessed at 9:54 a.m. for the purpose of a public hearing.
Public Hearing regarding a Housing Tax Abatement application of the Austin HRA for a single-family home
located Block 001, Lot 003 North Pointe, City of Austin, MN (PIN 34.509.0030)
The County Board reconvened its regular session at 9:55 a.m.
Res. #56-23 housing tax abatement Austin HRA (PIN 34.509.0030)
Health & Human Services accounts payable $280,255.65
Rescind the 6/27/23 motion that had accepted the resignation of the County Administrator Trish Harren
Mike Ruzek and Veteran Service Officer Rod Streich, provided the board report regarding the Honor
Guards Park (landscaping project complete) and the Mower County Veterans Memorial renovation
project status (redesign to accommodate more pavers).
Finance Manager Loni Swenson presented to the Board the 2nd Quarter Financial Update which included
a year-to-date summary of budgeted expense report and the 2nd quarter Investment Report.
Board acknowledged and accepted the second quarter investment report presented
County Administrator Trish Harren provided a summary update of the ARPA budget with a request
to reallocate funds set aside for broadband for use for the Recycling Building project. Ms. Harren
recommended that an additional $250,000 be allocated for the Recycling Center for electronics
recycling ($140,000 for the building project itself and $110,000 for driveway updates & stormwater due
to the construction.) It was noted that the application for broadband grant funding to reach the unserved
and underserved in the county was unsuccessful.
Reallocate $250,000 of ARPA funds from broadband to the recycling center building project
Mike Hanson, Public Works Director, presented bid and/or quote information received for the Adams
Fuel Tank project, SAP 050-602-033 road project, Swanston Hot Patcher replacement equipment and
Recycling Center Addition.
Award the low quote of Zahl Equipment Service, Inc. for a fuel tank at the Adams shop ($18,691)
Award the low bid of ICON Constructors, LLC for project SAP 050-602-033 (Bridge 50602 on CSAH
2 – $1,422,745.20)
Award the low quote of Swanston Equipment for the purchase of a new 2023 4 Ton Hotbox/Reclaimer
(Model KM8000TEDD) replacing current equipment numbered #47 declaring it as surplus property
for auction ($45,448).
Louise Solar Road Use and Repair Agreement
Award the low bid of The Joseph Company, Inc. for the recycling electronics addition project ($629,000.00)
Res. #57-23 Bridge Bonding for SAP 050-602-033 (Grant $579,262.50)
Committee Reports
Solid Waste Officer Marcus Thompson thanked the Board for its action to proceed with the electronic
recycling addition.
County Attorney Kristen Nelsen reported that she had received a message from Court Administration that
they will no longer be managing the Law Library. A meeting of the Law Library Board will be called to
discuss options.
The Mower County Board of Commissioners Attest:
BY: /S/ Mike Ankeny By: /s/ Trish Harren
Chairperson Clerk/Administrator
A complete set of minutes is on file at the office of the Mower County Auditor and Mower County Administrator’s office. In addition, Minutes can be viewed at the Mower County Website at www.co.mower.mn.us.
The following vendors were paid with Auditor Warrants in the month of July 2023 pursuant to Resolution
#03-23 adopted on 1/3/23:

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