Rocky Hulne: Rebels SB finding new life through the young

Published 5:26 pm Tuesday, May 9, 2023

It’s no secret that the Southland softball team is seriously talented this year. At 10-0 overall, the Rebels are off to their best start in decades after turning things around last spring, but the best is yet to come for the Rebels, who have three special eighth graders already making some big noise.

Laney Weis, Clara Timm and Haylee Lowe all recently tried out for the USA Team at an identifier in Minnetonka. The trio competed amongst the best eighth graders in the area and Weis, who is Southland’s starting pitcher, was one the five players out of almost 100 participants who was selected to advance.

Weis will head to Florida in the fall and see if she can make the roster for the National Team. The players were graded on a college  scoring system that shows their abilities and all three were graded as above average or better.

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Until then, Weis, Timm and Lowe have the Rebels thinking big this spring. Southland has been putting up runs at the plate and Weis has been shutting down hitters who are up to five years older than her.

With such young talent, the Rebels likely aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Look for them to be a contender in Section 1A and beyond for quite some time.