Community Salute: Music recognition a benefit for all

Published 6:10 pm Friday, April 21, 2023

Depending on how you’ve started reading today’s paper, you’ve likely noticed that Austin Public Schools received national recognition for its music education.

Anybody who has attended a music concert, play or show of any kind at APS recognizes how well deserved this recognition is.

Throughout the years, Austin schools has been recognized by those locally for the quality of musical programming coming out of its schools and that starts with music education and the enthusiasm of its instructors as well as the students who soak in their instruction.

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Music is universally recognized for the benefits toward people’s well being. They are generally happier and this leads to more and more people unveiling their creative abilities for the crowds who come to see them.

This education has only been boosted by MacPhail Center for Music’s close proximity that while separate for APS  serves to augment what the schools are doing.

And all you have to do is see for yourself. Take in a concert some time and witness how the music education benefits not only the students but the community as a whole.