Sarah Lysne: The joy of prioritizing part III

Published 6:03 pm Friday, March 24, 2023

In my last few columns, I have been writing about my top three priorities in life, which are, my health, my faith and the human connection.

Throughout my childhood, family members have nurtured my faith, but as an adult my faith has grown by watching the way others live out their faith.

When I worked as a newspaper reporter, I had the opportunity to interview a few people who had traveled to Haiti on a mission trip.  What I remember most about the interview was how inspired the missionaries were with the faith of the people in Haiti. 

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They told me that the people had so little and yet they were happy. The missionaries had seen the joyous spirit of God at work in the people of Haiti.

I have seen the spirit of God at work in our own community.

When I worked at a church, I spent a lot of time visiting church members who lived in residential care facilities.  As years passed, I got to know many of the people who came to visit their loved ones. There was one man who came to visit his wife twice a day. Conversation was difficult, but what mattered was that they were together. Love prevailed.

A woman I ran into quite frequently, delivered flowers to residents in the care facilities. She planted a large flower garden every year just for this purpose.  She truly enjoyed the volunteer job she had created.

I saw God at work in the enthusiasm of the children who collected food, during church, for a local food shelf.

I saw God at work when a little girl smiled brightly at me on her way back to her seat after receiving Communion.

I believe we can see God at work around us every day, even in a smile.