Walkup sets high mark as Packers fall to Northfield swimmers

Published 9:37 pm Thursday, January 12, 2023

The Austin boys swimming and diving team lost to Northfield 95-85 in Bud Higgins Pool Thursday.

Winston Walkup swam the ninth best time in all time in the 100-yard breaststroke for the Packers. Walkup took first in the 200-yard freestyle and the breaststroke.


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200-medley relay: Brent Dahl, Winston Walkup, Joey Hilkin, Kenny Cabeen (second, 1:44.36); Zach Evenson, Carter Holt, Lucas Myers, Noah Holt (fourth, 1:54.90)

200-freestyle: Winston Walkup (first, 1:55.59); Hunter Peters (fourth, 2:06.74); Noah Holt (fifth, 2:17.64)

200-individual medley: Brent Dahl (second, 2:09.73); Carter Holt (fifth, 2:33.20)

50-freestyle: Zach Evenson (second, 23.78); Joey Hilkin (third, 24.33); Lucas Myers (sixth, 24.54)

Diving: Riley Ferguson (second, 174.45); Gage Rasmussen (fourth, 123.80)

100-butterfly: Brent Dahl (second, 1:01.22)

100-freestyle: Kenny Cabeen (second, 52.20); Hunter Peters (fifth, 56.79); Thomas Asmsus (sixth, 1:00.90)

500-freestyle: Lucas Myers (second, 5:34.15); Noah Holt (fifth, 6:12.62)

200-freestyle relay: Zach Evenson, Joey Hilkin, Carter Holt, Winston Walkup (first, 1:35.01); Jackson Hilkin, Thomas Asmus, Zach Voogd, Hunter Peters (fourth, 1:51.63)

100-backstroke: Zach Evenson (second, 1:03.66); Kenny Cabeen (third, 1:06.39); Jackson Hilkin (sixth, 1:11)

100-breaststroke: Winston Walkup (first, 1:05.31); Joey Hilkin (third, 1:10.70); Carter Holt (fifth, 1:12.56)

400-freestyle relay: Kenny Cabeen, Brent Dahl, Hunter Peters, Lucas Myers (second, 3:36.75); Jackson Hilkin, Thomas Asmus, Zach Voogd, Noah Holt (fifth, 4:17.04)