Sarah Lysne: The joy of a hero

Published 5:19 pm Friday, January 6, 2023

I am sure we have all had a hero at some time in our lives.

My hero became a very instrumental part of my life after I was diagnosed with ALS in June of 2019. By August of that year she arranged for me to see a therapist. She thought it would help me to sort through the emotional challenges of having ALS. She was right.  It did help.

By October, she made arrangements for my husband and I to fly to North Carolina. She wanted us to get another opinion on my diagnosis from a neurologist who is nationally recognized for his ALS research.

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For the last two years she has made sure that I do my exercises, take my supplements and medications, attend church, book study, concerts, chair yoga and poetry group.

All of these details of my life were options that were thrown at me after my diagnosis. It would have been easier to ignore these opportunities, but my hero would not let me.

In July of 2019, after two weeks of crying off and on, I realized that nobody could do these things for me.

Today, as we are just beginning a new year, I celebrate my hero, me.