In Your Community: Duplicate Bridge

Published 9:39 am Saturday, June 25, 2022

Duplicate Bridge is played each Tuesday and Wednesday at the Mower County Senior Center in Austin starting at 11:30 a.m.

Players travel from Albert Lea, Austin and Rose Creek, Mason City and Northwood, Iowa.

Tuesday’s winners, with four tables playing, were:

First place, Lorraine Quinlivan and Barb Rofshus

Second place, Jim Fisher and Dave Ring

Third place, Joyce Crowe and Millie Seiver

Fourth place, Edna Knobbe and Loren Cleland

On Wednesday, five tables played. Winners were:

First place, Tom Flaherty and Stan Schultz

Second place, Barb Rofshus and Paul Hanson

Third place, Gail Schmidt and Dave Ring

Fourth place,  Bonnie Fritz and Loren Cleland

Fifth place, Vandy Newman and Ron Peters

Most of us have heard the name Eddie Cantor. He passed away in April of this year. He was a comic and when he learned to play bridge he captured an additional audience. He is credited for developing the role of ‘bidding theorist.’ He is prominent for his work on the Roman key card Blackwood. Edna and I will be quizzing our director, Dave Ring, about this for sure. We have never heard of the term before.

Along with his prowess, he was poking fun at the bridge world with his jokes, such as:

“Bridge is a great comfort in old age, it also helps you get there faster.”

Another one about his partnership choice:  “We had a partnership misunderstanding; I assumed my partner knew what he was doing.”

We have all been there, and done that. See you all next week with more stars.