Pacelli holds 8th annual run

Published 6:38 pm Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Pacelli Catholic Schools hosted the eighth Annual Shamrockin’ Run at Pacelli, on Saturday.

A total of 123 people participated in either the 5K Run, 1 Mile Walk or virtually.

Weather conditions cooperated for the run – cool, sunny and calm, which made for a very enjoyable event.

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“It was fun for Pacelli to put on an event for the whole community to take part in and enjoy,” said Ryan Bickler, Run Committee chair. “While we had plenty of more serious runners who might use this as a tune up event for the summer running season, it’s also nice to see lots of kids and families participate as well.”

The 5K runners ranged from age 5 to 82. The fastest 5K time for the men’s division was turned in by 12 year old Ryan Littlefield at 18:34, second was Tom Cook at 18:37 and third was Andrew Frederick at 20:55. The fastest 5K female time was Kirsten Koopal at 21:52, second was Laura Werking at 22:29 and third was Amanda Leightner at 23:53.

Becky Koopal, from left, Robyn Bickler, Kristin Bickler and Christine Fredrick race to the finish line. Photo provided


1. Ryan Littefield (first, 18:34): Tom Cook (second, 18:37); Andrew Frederick (third, 20:55); Grayson Bickler (fourth, 20:57); Jeremiah Johnson (fifth, 21:13); Kirsten Koopal (sixth, 21:52); Laura Werking (seventh, 22:29); Amadna Leightner (eighth, 23:53.36); Isaac Johnson (ninth, 24:00); Liz Frederick (10th, 24:13); Mark Mayer (12th, 24:50); Adah Baron (13th, 25:12); Lenette Baron (14th, 25:16); Marek Leif (15th, 25:46.89); Brytnie Carolan (16th, 26:01); Bryan Severtson (17th, 26:30); Shelley Letendre (18th, 27:09); Scott Rueter (19th, 27:09); Eric Kahle (20th, 27:13); Randy Kramer (21st, 21:16); Jessica Schoen (22nd, 27:27); Ryder Hastings (23rd, 27:43); Emily McAlister (24th, 28:06); Cody Shea (25th, 28:13); Mike Brosenne (26th, 28:19); Curt Sauve (27th, 28:37); David Chabot (28th, 28:57); Megan Beer (29th, 28:59); Lauryn Hajek (30th, 30:15); Amy Wollenburg (31st, 30:15); Sarah Johnson (32nd, 30:16); Gary Bickler (33rd, 30:23); Joey Schulte (34th, 30:26); Faye Bollingberg (35th, 30:34); Noah Heimer (36th, 30:50); Ian Johnson (37th, 30:52); Tim Johnson (38th, 31:02); Lee Smith (39th, 31:11); Krista Kahle (40th, 31:16); Henry Lamers (41st, 31:22); James Schulte (42nd, 31:43); Hope McAlister (43rd, 31:59.40); Jeffery McDonald (44th, 32:37); Diane Hammel (45th, 33:35); Rolf Bollingberg (46th, 35:02); Britney Leibold (47th, 36:35); Tim Rietz (48th, 37:15); Bonnie Reitz (49th, 37:15); Katrina Kumfer (50th, 38:07); Josh Bednar (51st, 40:58); Tom Schultz (52nd, 41:59); Grant Baron (53rd, 42:23); Miriam Luehmann (54th, 42:36.31); Jason Baron (55th, 42:49); Kelsey Shea (56th, 42:56); Rachel Kahle (57th, 47:16); Diane Ewing (58th, 47:47); Suzyn Bronk (59th, 47:51); Paxtin Bickler (60th, 50:12); Makayla Hajek (61st, 50:23); Amy Bickler (62nd, 50:24); Carol Prescher (63rd, 52:08); Becky Koopal (64th, 52.52); Christine Frederick (65th, 52:52); Robyn Bickler (66th, 52:53); Kristin Bickler (67th, 53:10); Thomas Hanson (68th, 53:13); Jen Hanson (69th, 53:53); Herb Noetzel (70th, 53:55); Liz Sayles (71st, 53:56); Stephanie Lenway (72nd, 53:57); Mariss Hanson (73rd, 54:03); Steve Lamers (74th, 57:26); Matt Johnson (75th, 57:26); Jayme Lamers (76th, 57:27); Kara Mallory (77th, 57:28); Mallory Lamers (78th, 57:29); Hakon Strande (79th, 1:01); Amy Strande (80th, 1:01)