Our Opinion: Music is a blessing

Published 6:13 pm Friday, April 8, 2022

This weekend, the Hormel Historic Home hosted its annual Harris Music Contest, which features young musicians from all corners of the musical world here in Austin and the surrounding area.

Along with many in our community, we were here for the first year of the contest and have been blessed to watch it grow to encompass the large number of competitors we see playing each year.

Supported by and named for MarySue Hormel Harris, this contest gives competitors a stage to show off their growing talents, which will only serve to enrich our community.

There should be no argument what good music can bring to our lives and the fact that we have yet another opportunity in Austin to showcase what music can do for people is a boon for us all.

The benefits are doubled when youth are so readily accepted and encouraged to participate in these musical endeavors.

Music benefits us all and makes our community a joyful place to live. We hope others are as thrilled with Austin’s growing soundtrack.