Our Opinion: ADH staying in Austin

Published 5:55 pm Friday, November 26, 2021

Some of you may have noticed the large sign currently on the north side of our building, located at 310 Second Street Northeast, proclaiming our site is for sale.

It’s a sign bigger than most and extremely hard to miss, and could startle people into thinking the Herald is on its way out. Even though many now know we are only selling our building, it’s worth repeating that we are going nowhere.

Since announcing that the Herald was looking to sell the building in 2019,  many of our readers have inquired as to where we might be going. The short answer, we have eyes on remaining downtown.

As the reason for selling. Space. We have just way too much of it. You all, no doubt, have noticed that are staff has shrunk considerably, and without a press on site, it has ceased to become practical to stay in our current location.

It is our hope that somebody could put the space to better use for businesses of their own, just as we will look for a better site for us — right here in Austin.

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