Mayo Clinic Health System offers ‘Discover Gratitude’ virtual challenge in November

Published 4:37 pm Friday, November 5, 2021

The practice of mindful thankfulness is an effective way to improve mental and physical health. In November, join Mayo Clinic Health System for “Discover Gratitude,” a free virtual challenge appropriate for people of all ages that focuses on expressing gratitude daily and counting life’s blessings.

“Studies have shown that feeling thankful can improve sleep, mood and immunity,” says Matthew Schumann, Ph.D., a behavioral psychologist at Mayo Clinic Health System. “Gratitude can also decrease depression, anxiety, difficulties with chronic pain, and risk of disease.”

Participants will be encouraged to journal daily about big and small things in life that they are thankful for, track their efforts to do something kind for others and challenge themselves to dedicate time to be present in the moment.

Those who wish to participate in the challenge can print a journal on-demand and receive resources about implementing gratitude and resilience into their daily routines.

To access this program, go to Journals are private, and they will not be collected. This virtual challenge continues throughout November.