In Your Community: Brownsdale Study Club Meets in November

Published 5:50 pm Friday, November 19, 2021

On Wednesday, Nov. 17, five members of the Brownsdale Study Club met at the home of Therese Manggaard. President Shelly Vogel called the meeting to order with the reading of the Collect. The minutes as well as the treasurer’s report were read and approved.

“Favorite way to enjoy leftover turkey” was the roll call. Turkey with creamed peas, hot turkey sandwiches and soup with homemade dumplings were some of the responses. There was no old business. Under new business, Fern Paschke recommended a local couple that are dealing with health issues as recipients of our dues. She will find out their contact information and further details will be addressed at the December meeting.

The meeting was adjourned with a motion made by Rena Perrigo, seconded by Fern.

For the Main Topic, Shelly provided some very interesting information from a book, “Coffee Made Her Insane & Other Nuggets from Old Minnesota Newspapers.” Of particular interest were the grasshopper plagues that destroyed crops in Minnesota beginning in 1873, and continuing for five years.  They were observed seeming like a dark cloud almost obscuring the sun. Their voracious appetites ruined millions of dollars worth of crops.

The Feb. 14, 1922, edition of the St. Paul Pioneer Press stated: An order issued by Postmaster Charles J. Moos Monday, and effective at the 57 postal substations in St. Paul this morning, instructs all heads of branch offices to be in readiness to weigh the babies of the neighborhood.  Knowing accurately the weight of infants is so important a consideration in safeguarding their health that the postmaster regards it an obligation to society to make the office scales available.

Therese proudly showed everyone her collection of seasonal quilts that she has sewn in the last 30 years.

A pumpkin dessert and homemade caramels were served.

Submitted by Therese Manggaard, Secretary