More information released in PRC, Welcome Center merger

Published 5:52 pm Friday, October 1, 2021

The Welcome Center has announced a move to deepen its collaboration with The Parenting Resource Center through a merger. This merger, expected to be official in early 2022, will allow the services offered by the Welcome Center to enhance the Parenting Resource Center.

Gema Alvarado- Guerrero, executive director of the Parenting Resource Center, will serve as the Executive Director of the newly merged organization and oversee the transitional merger. Herve Idjidina, who has served as executive director of the Welcome Center since 2019, will assist in the transition, though he will be stepping back in order to complete his Certificate in Counseling and Mental Health Services.

Idjidina looks forward to providing counseling services in Austin in the future.

Alvarado-Guerrero, who has been with the Parenting Resource Center for eight years, has largely been responsible for the growth and impact of the Center and looks forward to working with the teams at the Welcome Center and the Parenting Resource Center to design and deliver services to families and individuals in Austin who not only have come to find value in these two organizations, but also to devise new ways to be in service to the community.