Grand Meadow football team scores a win in Southland

Published 10:28 pm Friday, October 8, 2021

The Grand Meadow football team stormed past Southland (3-3 overall) 35-0 in Friday.

Taylor Glynn threw three TDs for the Superlarks (5-1 overall). GM led 28-0 at the half.


Rushing: Corbin Ludemann, 14-for-70; Dustin Copley, 13-for-57, TD; Taylor Glynn, 11-for-53, TD; Hunter Shane, 2-for-4

Passing: Taylor Glynn, 12-for-16, 207, 3 TDs

Receiving: Copley, 4-for-96, TD; Ludemann, 3-for-49; Isaac Hermening, 1-for-33, TD; Jacob Kerrins, 2-for-17, TD; Cael Gilbert, 1-for-7; Jace Kraft, 1-for-5


Rushing: Brendan Kennedy, 9-for-45; Christian Luthe, 3-for-12; Hanna, 6-for-11; Tyson Stevens, 1-for-2; Landon Chilman, 2-for-2

Passing: Harrison Hanna, 7-for-17, 88, 2 INT

Receiving: Samuel Boe, 1-for-41; Brendan Kennedy, 5-for-39; Jack Bruggeman, 1-for-8