Pacelli’s Koopal takes fourth at 20-team meet

Published 10:27 pm Thursday, September 2, 2021

The Pacelli boys took 19th out of 20 teams and the Pacelli girls finished in eighth place in the Stewartville Invite Thursday.

Pacelli’s Kirsten Koopal took fourth overall.


Pacelli: Javier CiFuentes (59th, 20:10); Grayson Bickler (63rd, 20:17); Jenup Chop (100th, 21:23); Andrew Frederick (107th, 21:30); Blake Klingfus (153rd, 23:51)

BP: Hosea Baker (24th, 19:04); Tyler Forystek (78th, 20:54); Jesse Cardenas (86th, 21:00); Stephe Fennell (105th, 21;41); Jaxon Harberts (112th, 22:07)


Pacelli: Kirsten Koopal (fourth, 20:35); Lexi Lewis (14th, 21:36); Kendahl Lewis (74th, 24:54); Lizzy Frederick (76th, 25:02); Caitlin Drees (89th, 25:42)

BP: Chloe McCarthy (64th, 24:30); Emily Miller (66th, 24:38); Emily Anderson (67th, 25:11); Asha Lighthizer (67th, 25:11); Abby Smith (87th, 27:46)