Pacelli closes school for 2 weeks due to COVID

Published 8:39 am Monday, April 26, 2021

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While there has been no outbreak, school takes precautions in the face of some cases


In what’s being looked at as taking an abundance of precaution, Pacelli Catholic Schools announced Monday it was closing school for two weeks because of COVID-19.

While not suffering from an outbreak, Pacelli has seen a few cases recently within the school, including administration being alerted this past Sunday to another case.

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“We’re just trying to keep the kids safe,” said Principal Kane Malo. “We’re trying to finish the school year on a strong, healthy note.”

Starting today, Pacelli will close its doors through May 7 with a plan to come back to school on May 10. When classes begin again, the high school will go to an even-odd schedule with even classes on even days and odd classes on odd days.

The preschool is remaining open.

By taking these cautious steps it is hoped that the school can finish the year and ensure students have all of the milestones students enjoy each year.

It also means that by doing it this way, the school can continue to participate in extracurricular activities.

“One of the first things when we started talking about this is I called and contacted (Lyle Superintendent) Jamie Goebel just to tell him this was our thought process,” Malo said.