Kevin Nelson: Newly funded programs and projects for Parks and Rec

Published 6:30 am Saturday, November 28, 2020

The City received some exciting news this past week. The Hormel Foundation Board approved 2021 funding for several department-related requests. Specifically, those include educational programming at the Jay C. Hormel Nature Center, (bike trail) bridge replacement in Todd Park, and installation of irrigation tile at Shirley Thiel Park. What does each of these mean for the public?

The educational programming at the Nature Center, for which the Center and its staff have become renowned and in demand, will continue to flourish.

Replacement of the bike trail bridge at Todd Park, a structure which has been patched and unplugged (of debris) numerous times over the years, will make for a crossing which is less of an obstruction to Wolf Creek, which has regularly flowed around the structure, causing further erosion to both the embankment and the trail leading to/from the current bridge.

Installation of irrigation tile at Shirley Thiel Park will enable more substantial and unimpeded utilization of the green space within the park, as the park should no longer “hold water,” an issue which has kept many from making use of the grounds during rainy seasons.

Thank you to the Hormel Foundation Board. The staff of Austin’s Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department and the community which you continue to impact are grateful for your ongoing generosity.