Paid political letter: This November it’s time to correct a mistake

Published 6:29 am Saturday, October 10, 2020

Two years ago we made a mistake and elected Jim Hagedorn to represent us in congress.  It didn’t take long to find out he’s not working for us, he’s working for Trump and for himself.

He’s there to enable Trump.  Regardless of whether it makes sense for the first district or makes sense at all.  Regardless of the rampant incompetence, lies, and corruption. 

Earlier this year we learned of  ethics breaches.  Public money was allegedly steered into the pockets of Hagedorn insiders.  He spent huge amounts of his public funds on things that sure look like they’re campaign spending.

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Remember those big garish shiny mailers we got months ago that looked like campaign literature?  We paid for them.  We paid Hagedorn insiders.

Then there was the time when Hagedorn joined a group of representatives who thought it would be a good idea to bust into a secured area during a closed house hearing, bringing along their cell phones. We were paying Hagedorn while he did that.  Didn’t he have anything else to do that day?

We made a mistake and  we can fix it.  Dan Feehan is a talented, honest, ethical man who will bring that position back to what it should be.  He’s not a Washington lobbyist and hobnobber, he’s one of us.  He is well-prepared for the job.  He will not forget that he’s working for us and representing us.  Hagedorn can go back to lobbying.

Peter Mattson