Our opinion: Consider giving

Published 8:18 am Wednesday, October 7, 2020

The United Way of Mower County has recently unveiled its goal for its coming fund drive and it’s going to need our help.

The goal set is $1,275,000, just over the money raised with the last drive which raised just over $1.27 million in a year that had a goal of $1.28 million.

It was an incredibly impressive number and the money raised went directly back into the community to help a number of organizations that rely on this money to continue their services to support our community.

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But we need to talk about the elephant in the room: COVID-19. Last year’s drive was only partially affected by the pandemic, but this year it will have to deal with coronavirus head-on and that’s why it’s going to need our help.

This will not be easy. This is going to require asking people to donate during difficult economic times. Many have been put out of work, families are forced to make hard decisions on where to put their money and local businesses are struggling just to keep doors open.

We understand all of this and still we’re asking you to give what you can to such an important agency in our county.

This is a time to prove just how tight and caring our community is. People and organizations, important to this City of Austin, need help. The Backpack Program, Housing Payment Assistance and the Science Fair Mentoring Project are just a few of the examples of those entities that thrive because of help from the United Way and in turn those of you who give generously.

This is not an easy time and normal is a long way off, but Austin has overcome and persevered through many hardships and it will again, with your help and your support.

Live United.