Letter: What’s happening?

Published 6:28 am Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The American voter is trying to analyze the rhetoric of political policy put before us. It involves drummed up psychotic hatred, altered facts, hidden history from past governments, and the lack of “In God We Trust.”

In the shadow of this turmoil lies a more critical problem, There are a handful of larger countries that have the nuclear and biological capabilities to destroy all life on earth, Hmmm, remember the Bible!

The smart “In The Future” thinkers will be proposing a New World Order. This would involve a giant artificial intelligence computer that would control people by implanting a chip in them. This world computer will then know if any certain human is contributing to society, what their health is, where they are, if their sperm or eggs should be saved to produce lab grown humans.

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The only true answer is in the Bible and what Jesus told us when he walked the earth.

“I am the Lord Thy God; Thou shalt not have strange gods (world computer with chips installed, instead of a (spiritual soul), before me.”

We are also told we need Obamacare so all people will have their tax money used to pay for the right to abort full term babies, extract their organs, and throw the remains in the trash. There are people who will spend more effort in how they bury their pets.

Thou shalt not kill.

Ed Bunne

LeRoy, MN