Todd Park playground is back open

Published 6:30 am Saturday, September 5, 2020

The northeast playground at Todd Park has re-opened following the installation and curing of a poured-in-place rubber surface beneath it.

This type of play surface is the ultimate, as it’s always in place, ready to provide the required measure of fall protection, and required maintenance is little or none. Related funding for this surface and the perimeter sidewalk were via compliments of a grant from Hormel Foundation. THANK YOU, Foundation Board Members!

Rotary Park electrical service Improvements

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As Rotary Park users may have noticed, electrical additions are in the works, and we’re told that a wait for light poles is the reasoning behind the pause in work at this site. Stay tuned.

City Archery Deer Hunt

Although the official Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Archery Deer Hunt begins in about two weeks, it’ll be mid-October before we begin the City Archery Hunt in Austin.

Why, you might ask?

Mainly to accommodate the comfort zones of many others, as most ‘groups’ are typically finished using the Jay C. Hormel Nature Center (one of the hunt sites) and other park sites by MEA weekend.

This hunt is about managing deer, but it’s also about being good neighbors to area residents. Austin is one of 32 Minnesota cities that will be hosting a city deer hunt, the majority of which will begin on Sept. 19. However, others, including Austin, will not begin until later.

It’s whatever fits the bill for the community, although all must occur at a period of time within Sept. 19 and Dec. 31.

Our local qualifying shoots, where would-be hunters must demonstrate their proficiency, were held at specified times over the past two weekends. A total of 31 hunters qualified, and that worked out well, to balance with the approximate 32 stand placement locations which are available as a part of this hunt.

Flag display

American flags are displayed on Main Street beginning Friday, in recognition of Labor Day  on Monday and will remain up through Patriot’s Day, which falls on Sept. 11. On Sept. 14,

American flags will be interspersed with flags from a variety of other countries, in recognition of those who have moved to the U.S. and ultimately Austin from other countries, as a part of Welcoming Week.

Parks clean-up –


feels great!

Several groups have recently contacted us regarding wanting to do parks clean-up.  You and/or your organization are certainly welcome to assist in these efforts. There is no specific day or time required to volunteer, just a desire to “do your part.”

Park and Rec will provide the trash bags, sanitary gloves, and perhaps even litter grabbers should you wish to make use of them.

As most know, Austin has over two dozen parks, some well over 100 acres, and others which are significantly smaller, so whatever fits your specific volunteering needs. Thank you, in advance, for your efforts.

Seasonal wrap-

up of parks

We’re not far from the date when parks restrooms will be closing for the season, and in some neighborhoods they may have already been closed based upon usage.