Letter: COVID-19 vs. fear of COVID-19

Published 6:30 am Saturday, August 1, 2020

Most people that get COVID-19 survive.

Minnesota doesn’t have the numbers of COVID-19 to warrant dictatorship.

Did you know that elective surgeries that were cancelled included cancer and heart patients, but not abortions?

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My friend’s open heart surgery was cancelled in April. She still hasn’t had her surgery because they have to save ventilators in case someone gets COVID-19 and needs one. Do they get more money for treating COVID-19 patients?

Why are cumulative totals reported, but not current totals; except for the Austin Daily Herald? My guess it’s easier to have a dictatorship if you can keep people afraid. COVID-19 didn’t shut down businesses, the government did.

Fact: Masks do not prevent you from getting COVID-19.

I haven’t worn a mask all year-but now dictator Walz says I can’t work, shop or go to church unless I wear one.

Susan Rossi

Austin, MN