Letter: Constituents need to speak up

Published 6:30 am Saturday, August 29, 2020

Motivated by an enduring vision of government by the consent of the people, I have participated in political action much of my life. I am proud of our nation’s global reputation for open and clean government. Maintaining good government is ongoing, requiring frequent course corrections. Congress voted on just such a correction May 2020.

The vote involved HR 6782, a bill requiring information on business loans under the Paycheck Protection Program be publicly available. We all have heard stories of misuse of PPP loans meant to help small employers retain employees. The openness mandated by the bill would discourage unethical action and misuse of taxpayer funds.

On May 28, 38 Republicans joined Democrats in voting for transparency and good government. Jim Hagedorn voted no. This by itself was the wrong choice. The fact that his wife, Jennifer Carnahan, received a loan for her Nisswa boutique, elevates the vote to questionable, possibly unethical.

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In a democracy, survival of good government requires engaged citizens. Each voter should keep track of what their representative is doing. Hagedorn needs to hear from us. Please contact his office and let him know you are disappointed in his vote. We deserve better.

Deb Staley

Rochester, MN