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Time to look back

With our Travel Office closed at the Mower County Senior Center Office, it allows time to look back and reminisce about some places we have visited.   Although trips are always scheduled, it is interesting the things that happen that may be a surprise.

Looking back in a log brings a smile or laugh that many of you may remember.  These are some  of the highlights, just to mention a few.

The Fireside Dinner Theatre in Wisconsin has been popular with their Broadway-style shows. While making this two-day overnight trip, we always include lunch and special stops along the way. Stops on the way are also planned.

One of the unique dinner stops was at a Scandinavian farm restaurant with Ole and Sven Brand entertainment.

Our lunch setting was adjacent to the milking parlor while 150 some cows were donating. Pretty fascinating as they all were rushed through with little noise.

Our next visit had each person in our group make their own loaf of bread to bake and take with them after the dinner and tour of the farm.

Another stop in Wisconsin was at The Dells. This stop included lunch at the Train Restaurant. There was a “toot toot” as you enter and a train above would circle around the restaurant with food on it and guests could grab their favorite entree. In keeping with the theme,  outside was a small train with an engineer driving and offering us to board. Little did we know that 40 some people boarding would cause the train to derail. Our bus was waiting for us as we all jumped off the train tracks and walked back, red faced, (laughing all the way) and glad to get on the bus and be on our way.

Dinner Theaters are very popular with our folks and many stories come from visits.

During one New Years Eve at our restaurant prior to the show, we arrived on time, but were missing most of the men.  Shortly, the waiters came with our salads followed by the men who all came out with hair nets on and plates to begin serving us.

I am sure they had no idea or had planned this in advance.

Another dinner story was also on New Years Eve, when a horse and sleigh ride had us stopping for a special holiday mulligan stew dinner at a log cabin in the Woods. As we passed the kitchen in our dinner line, we could peek in and see them opening cans of Dinty Moore Stew. Can’t fool us Austin folks with that one.

Although we have moved on to larger trains, the Amtrak seems more our style, but we like to check out the passenger limit” before we board.

I am continuing to work with cancellations and future plans.

We are anxious to travel, but for now go for a walk, enjoy the beautiful flowers downtown and wear your mask.